Life, the Universe, & Everything XV

Deep Thoughts: Proceedings of Life, the Universe, & Everything XV covers the keynote addresses and academic papers presented from February 27–March 1, 1997 at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. The contents are as follows:

  • “Introduction” by Steve Setzer
  • “Bonding with Aliens Saves the Day” by Judith Moffett
  • Pastwatch: The Redemption of Orson Scott Card” by Eugene England
  • “An Instance of Seventeenth-Century Science Fiction, or Margaret Cavendish’s Blazing World and the Emancipation of Imagination” by Dr. Brandie R. Siegfried
  • “The Mists of Avalon: The Use of Polarity in Elevating Women’s Roles” by Dr. Norman Peercy
  • “Hypothetical Intelligent Plants, or What Kind of Terminal Could a Tulip Use?” by Dr. Paul E. Black
  • “Lead Us Not into Redemption” by Nancy Lynn Hayes
  • “What Do We Need Monsters For?” by Dr. Edward B. Irving, Jr.
  • “Orson Scott Card: An Approach to Mythopoeic Fiction” by Dr. Michael R. Collings
  • Abstracts by Batia Boe Stolar, Sophie Glazier, and Brian Lackey

Edited by Steve Setzer and Marny K. Parkin. Originally published through LTU&E, Provo, Utah. ISSN 1073-4864.